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Vela’s first twittersation has been completed, it was quite this success!  Here’s one of the final tweets for the conversation:

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Date: Thursday 2/9/12
Time: 11:45am-12:45 EST
Conversation Hashtag: #MobileAdConvo
Conversation Hosts: Vela Agency –
Christina Hussey – @ChristinaMarie7
Jake Ray – @Jakeup_Ray 


On Thursday, February 9 from 11:45am-12:45pm EST, @VelaAgency will be hosting a “Twitersation”, on Twitter,  about mobile advertising covering four key topics:

Each topic has been designated for 15 minutes of Q and A sessions, though Vela team members will be standing by to catch as many questions and comments as possible during the hour long session.

The hour-long session will appeal to consumers as well as commercial users as the questions are designed to give insight into the way each “tool” is used.  Business users are encouraged to submit questions prior to the Twitter event that they hope to have answered during the session.

Currently @FourSquare, @ShopKick, @QRCodes and even @ClubTexting have all been invited to sit on the Twitter panel with their wealth of insider knowledge to help the Vela team answer questions and further the conversation.
At this time none of these guest tweeters have been confirmed.

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Christina’s worked various angles of the Marketing and Advertising world since 2005, and has been a member of the Vela team since 2008. as Social Media & Events Manager. In 2010, she dove into the social media deep end when tapped to assume the expert role within the agency and has yet to resurface. Creating strategic social plans, establishing platform positioning recommendations and maintaining client content calendars occupy Christina’s average day in the office. Since 2012 she has also taken over the role of project manager for a majority of Vela's website builds and after sites are launched frequently maintains the position of content manager and website administrator.

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